Mobile Life

The Mobile Life Research Centre is a design research centre focusing on how information technology can enrich our everyday lives. The centre’s competitive edge lies in doing serious research about what we might normally describe as “unserious” activities. We find inspiration by doing studies on people’s creative leisure activities such as horseback riding, hunting, parkour, dancing, or role-playing games. We use those insights to spur innovative design processes, resulting in mobile and sensor-based applications, new mobile media, technical platforms, and design materials available to stimulate creativity of amateurs.

Berzelii Center EXSELENT

Berzelii Center EXSELENT on Porous Materials is a joint initiative to promote excellent, multidisciplinary and innovative research on porous materials. The center will generate new ideas for designing and synthesizing porous materials tailed for different applications. The current research is focused on catalysis, gas separation, biomaterials, new porous materials and characterization.
EXSELENT abbreviates EXtremely SELective and ENanTio-selective nanoporous materials for controlled sorption and catalysis.


The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, is Sweden’s innovation agency. VINNOVA'S aim is to increase the competitiveness of Swedish researchers and companies. The task is to promote sustainable growth in Sweden by funding needs-driven research and the development of effective innovation systems. An important part of VINNOVA’s activities consists of increasing the cooperation between companies, universities, research institutes and other organisations in the Swedish innovation system. VINNOVA do this in a number of ways, including long-term investment in strong research and innovation milieus, investment in projects to increase commercialisation of research results and by creating catalytic meeting places in the form of conferences and seminars.

Stockholm University

Stockholm University is a leading European university in one of the world’s most dynamic capitals. Since 1878 Stockholm University has been characterised by openness and innovation. A modern university with a multicultural environment, Stockholm University is one of the world’s top 100 higher education institutes. Here more than 60,000 students and 5,000 staff are active within science, the humanities and the social sciences. Education and research at Stockholm University make a difference. The University contributes to individual and social change through top quality education and outstanding research. Our researchers contribute to the development of public policy and political decision making, and participate in Nobel Prize Committees and international expert bodies. Stockholm is a cultural hub and economic centre, with many green areas and surrounded by water, making it an ideal place in which to enjoy a relaxed and exciting student life.

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

KTH is an international university with many international researchers and students, especially at Master’s level. Extensive international research and educational exchange programmes allow for exchange with universities and colleges in Europe, the U.S. and Australia, but also increasingly in Asia. KTH is a partner in several international university networks such as CLUSTER and T.I.M.E. KTH was founded in 1827 and the main campus is located in attractive, and now listed, buildings in central Stockholm since 1917. In addition, KTH and Stockholm University jointly offer study programmes and carry out research in biotechnology and physics at nearby AlbaNova University Center. The School of Information and Communication Technology is located on the Kista campus, in the northern part of Stockholm, and there are additional campuses located in Haninge, Flemingsberg and Södertälje in the southern metropolitan area.


The Swedish Research Council is Sweden´s largest research financier and provides support for research of the highest academic quality in all disciplinary domains, with the focus on basic research. The Council plays a leading role in developing Swedish research, thereby contributing to societal development.